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Jacareí, 11.06.2023 | Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the visionary Marcos Tadeu Teixeira - Jacareí - SP - Brazil

 Jacareí, 11.06.2023 | Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the visionary Marcos Tadeu Teixeira - Jacareí - SP - Brazil 

Dear children, I am the Queen of Peace. From Heaven I came and in Medjugorje I called all humanity to true peace, which is the fruit of true love.

The soul that does not love cannot have peace, the soul of the human being was created to love God and seek to please and serve Him, and as long as it does not do this it will not have true peace of heart.

Only in God will the human heart rest and finally have serenity, quietness and peace.

As long as man continues to welcome Satan's temptations into his heart he will continually live restless, dissatisfied, agitated, disturbed and will never have peace.

And even after obtaining the earthly goods he desires, he will continue to be troubled and without peace, because earthly things cannot satisfy the human heart.

Only when man returns to God will peace finally reign in the world.

Only when man has love will the world finally have peace.

Whoever does not love is sick in soul, sick in spirit! And that is why this world gets sicker every day, because it has no more love. That is why families have no peace, society has no peace, nations have no peace, because souls have no peace.

Only when human beings return to love, to true love in pure transformation, heavenly and divine love, and have this love in their hearts to radiate it, only then will the world have peace.

In Medjugorje it was to this peace that I came to call the world. I came to call the world to the peace that is born of the infinite love that is God, the peace that emanates only from Him. And as long as the world continues to seek solutions to its problems outside of God, far from God, it will not find peace.

As long as each person is not convinced that only in God, the Eternal Love, can he find peace, he will not have peace!

Therefore, little children, pray to the Holy Spirit that He may come to convince the world of sin, to convince the world that only in God, the Eternal Love, will it finally find peace.

I have come as Queen of Peace in Medjugorje to tell you that the peace of the world depends on your yes. Only when you give your yes to love will you finally have peace of heart.

Here I have come as Queen and Messenger of Peace to once again draw the attention of men to this eternal truth. Only when everyone opens his heart to love and has that love, only then will the world have peace.

Each one must now decide if he wants to stay with the darkness, or if he truly wishes to enter the Kingdom of Love which is near, near, near!

The events for the first secrets are already underway, at last, and now everything must be realized. There is no more time to lose! Each one must make his choice, on which side he wants to stand: with me or against me, with the serpent or with me, with the enemy or with my son Jesus.

Those who make the wrong decision will be free to make it, but then they will be forced to reap the fruits of it.

Those who choose me will enter the new time, the new world of love that since La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima I have been preparing with the effective graces of my Flame of Love. And with the prayers, sacrifices and sufferings of so many of my children who, responding to my call, have united with me like mystical roses throughout the world to help me prepare with tears, with supplications, with prayers and heroic sacrifices, the arrival of this new world of love.

Yes, my son Marcos, your sacrifices, especially the one tonight of your headache which was so intense, serve to prepare the arrival of this new world of love.

This new Age of Love will take over the whole world and will finally annihilate the age of wars, the age of hatred, the age of Satan. Yes, the age of fire, the age of iron will pass and finally the golden age will come.

That time my Immaculate Heart prepares and waits for with anxiety. And you, my little son, with your sacrifices, with the Rosaries and Rosaries meditated that you have made, with the films of my Apparitions and each cenacle made by you, will open this new world. You are the key and the passage to lead my children to this new time of peace, to this new world of love.

Yes, only you can open the way for them to pass through, just as the chosen people passed through the sea to reach the Promised Land. Only you have been given to know and to know the way, only you know and can get there. And only those who are well formed, well fixed in Me, well rooted in my Immaculate Heart, only those who have truly taken to heart all the teachings, all the messages, all that you in my name have transmitted and taught, only these will get there.

Just as God placed the pillar of cloud and fire to go before the people guiding them through the desert, so I have placed you as a pillar of light and flame of love from my heart to guide my children through the darkness of this time to the Promised Land.

Those who follow after you will not be lost. Those who decide to follow the evil desires of their hearts and their own will will be lost and die in the fatal desert. So, my son, go forward! Continue to be like Moses, a voice that continues to cry out in the desert to a people with hearts and ears that are so often hard and closed. But you must also fulfill your mission to the end and my son Jesus and I will reward you generously, as is already promised and fixed for you, in the eternal dwellings that are already waiting for you and that I have recently promised you. As for my children, they must be docile, they must allow themselves to be molded by me as you allowed yourself that night when I asked for your yes and there you gave it to me. And then, truly, the one you were until then died and a new creature was born, a new person: without will of his own, without desire of his own to do only my will and to let himself be ever more molded and shaped by me, in my flame of love. This for others will require much sacrifice, for you it was easy, but for those who are full of the world and attached to the things of the world it will be very painful. But if you do not do this, you will not be able to enter the new world prepared by my Immaculate Heart for those whom the Lord wants to save. Therefore, let each one allow himself to be molded in my Heart as you have done, so that I may truly imprint on them, as I did on you, my feelings of love. All those who unite and assimilate themselves to you through prayer, through conformity of thought and feeling, of ideals, of objectives and of will, will be transformed into that which I have transformed you: into a ray of light, into a luminous reflection of my Immaculate Heart. May you continue to pray the Rosary every day, because only it can now save you from all that I have announced to you in the past and is now under way and must come to pass. As for you, my little son Mark, you have offered me again today the merits of the films of my Apparition in Medjugorje and also of the Meditated Rosary. Well, I now pour out, as you asked me, the graces on my children. I pour out on your father for whom you offered 57,000,528 (Fifty-seven million, five hundred and twenty-eight) blessings. On my children who are here I pour out now 989,108 (Nine hundred and eighty-nine thousand, one hundred and eight) blessings, which they will receive again on the 1st Sunday of August. And to those who on June 25 dedicate the day to thanking me for being for so many years pouring out graces, saving souls in Medjugorje, I will pour out 500 special blessings. In this way, I transform your great flame of love into a stream of graces, of charity, to benefit my children and enrich them with the graces of my Heart. Only in this way can this sick world be healed and finally live again for the greater glory of the Lord and receive salvation and peace from him. You will continue to have the pains I have allowed you, fewer days but with more intensity as happened last night. You have invoked the strength of your love for me and also the strength of my Flame of Love for me and this love, this flame, has given you the strength to do all this cenacle, all this day of prayer. So it will be with everyone who also has the same love for me, will do things that humanly would be impossible, but with love everything will be possible, because for love nothing is impossible. I am with each of my children and accompany them. May they live my messages with love and, above all, may they pray the Rosary meditated No. 246 for 3 days in a row and the Rosary of Peace meditated No. 2 for 3 days in a row. In this way I will pour out on my children the graces of my Immaculate Heart. Give the Hour of Saints #15 to 4 of my children who do not have it so that they may learn true holiness and what pleases God. You, my ray of light, my little son Mark. Yes, my angel, my Medjugorjian gentleman, who with your efforts defended so much, propagated so much my messages in Medjugorje without censorship, without distortions and showed the whole world the truth of my manifestations in Medjugorje, the shining example of obedience and love of that people towards me, which all my children must follow. To you who loved me so much and did so much for me in Medjugorje, I bless with love now and to all my children too: from Medjugorje, from Knock and from Jacareí."
(Most Holy Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive bringing the great graces of the Lord.
St. Paul of the Cross and also St. Gemma must accompany all these objects pouring out graces wherever they go.
Go forward, My children, continue with all the prayers that I have asked of you.
And you who are far from prayer: return to it and pray, pray, pray, for only prayer can save you from all that Satan has prepared for you.
My little son Mark, go forward! I bless your heart's desire to make the movie of my Apparitions at Onker.... This holy desire will be rewarded with many crowns of glory in eternal life and you will draw many swords of pain from my Heart,
Begin immediately so that my children may know my messages of prayer and penance, and thus feel the greatest desire to love and console me.
You are the only soul who is interested in my Apparitions, especially the most persecuted and despised. Only you want to remove the swords of pain from my heart and do justice to me and to my persecuted and despised seers where I have appeared.
That is why I love you so much and why you are the only hope, the pride, the joy of my Heart.
Go forward, my little son, I bless you and all my beloved little children to be happy and I leave you peace."

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