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Jacarei, november, 8th, 1993 - The Revelation of the Holy Medal of Peace

Jacarei, november, 8th, 1993 - The Revelation of the Holy Medal of Peace

In November, 1993, the young Marcos Tadeu was distinguished with the revelation of the Holy Medal of Peace. The Virgin appeared crushing the head of the infernal serpent, and then took the majestic position that is seeing on the Medal. Appeared then in Her hands a bright Sacred Host, and a Rosary made of light accounts, at left. In Her head a crown with 12 stars. Beneath Her feet formed a cloud, where one could seen 7 dazzling roses. Then appeared in bright letters in arch form on the Apparition the sentence: 

"Queen and Messenger of Peace" 

The scene turned and showed a great heart surrounded by thorns, whence came a great light, and from this light came a bright dove with the following words glittering around Him:

 "Pray for Peace for the entire world"

The Mother of God said to Marcos: "Have to minting a Medal like I'd showed you, and spread it all over the world, this Medal particular Graces Love of My Heart, shall be used by all who wish the Peace. All that wear it with devotion will receive great Graces from My Heart. Will bring Peace where there is war. Your families will be filled with Peace and Love. Satan will be powerless to see this Medal and will flee before those who brought it with devotion. The feelings of hatred, bitterness, and discord will disappear from where is present My Medal. Call it MEDAL OF PEACE. It will be Grace's sign for those who use it with faith and devotion."

The seer Marcos Tadeu obeyed, and ordered to minting, since then The Holy Medal of Peace, extraordinary Grace of the Mother of God, to the whole world. 

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