terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2022



Thank you very much for this offer Marcos!  I have received unbelievable miracles by praying the prayers and praying to God and Our Lady for all the merits of your work, your life and sufferings Marcos Thaddeus!  My husband David Atkins contracted an illness called Valley Fever, a common disease here in Arizona, USA! There is mold on the ground and when the sandstorm happened he breathed in this mold which was cracked first in his lung and then migrated to his arm! He almost lost his arm because the mold was eating him alive! (as in a mummy already necrotizing everything) After the disease was detected, the doctors told us that there was no cure and that he would have to take medicine for life, because the dose that he breathed was very high. They are very strong drugs, almost like chemotherapy, and they also attack the liver! I have been praying untiringly to the Lord and Our Lady for this cure because he has other health complications! I follow how to create a blog giving water from the fountain of Jacareí, because some pilgrims from Jacareí and Miami worked together and I received the water and the sacred objects!  During the Holy Week I did all the prayers and many on my knees!  To our surprise we just received the news after the last blood test that he is cured and there is no sign of the disease in his body!  I cried a lot at the feet of Our Lady and thanked her and God the Father for his life, for his YES to Our Lady! For through you we receive the unbelievable miracles and are living witnesses of the power of the Mother of God and God the Father our Creator!  God be praised on this day!  Hail Mary Queen and Messenger of Peace of Jacareí!  One day the soles of my feet will tread on this holy place!  Whoever can, take advantage of it! Go to Jacareí! Help Our Lady by helping in the construction of the Shrine! I wish I lived at least in Brazil to have the chance to go to Jacarei!  Thank you Marcos! Your blessing!  Rebeca Atkins!    Viva 🎊 Our Lady! 🌹🙏

Our Lady's visionary Marcos Tadeu full of light talking with Our Lady in an apparition in the year 2004

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